Football Player JaMarcus Russell Paid $100,000 Per Pass Completion!

Oakland Raiders Star!

Yes, JaMarcus Russell of the Oakland Raiders really does make that much!

What’s interesting in this is that he is considered a failure. If he completed more passes then he would be paid less, and that is to the team’s benefit.

Football star

Money talks, bushwah walks...


But completing the numbers of passes that he does complete, though it skyrockets this aspect of salary, it means that he is completing less overall passes, and that is to the detriment of the team.

Imagine that, as your salary goes up you become worthless, and so are in danger of losing your job. If it would only happen to this writer.

Wishes aside, a bit of perspective on this matter of salaries is in order.

Mr. Russell is on contract for $39 mill for three years. That’s $13 mill a year.

Mr. Barack Obama, however, is only going to make a paltry $400,000 this year. This doesn’t count book deals or Nobel Peace Prizes.

Not that it would matter, for Mr. Russell doubtless makes more on endorsements.

Mr. Michael Jackson, during his career, made $500 mill. Having lived 51 years, that makes his salary per year approx $50 mill.

$50 mill a year! And for what! Wearing one glove, having too many zippers and walking backwards funny! Or is that walking funny backwards?

Well, he did put out a couple of rather significant albums during his career.

That brings us to Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world. This unassuming Mexican is worth $53.5 bill.

$53.5 bill! Since he has walked the earth since 1940, that means he has been making, roughly, $76 million, 428 thousand, 571 dollars, and 28 and 1/2 cents. Every year. Without fail!

JaMarcus, you’re going to have to complete less passes. A lot less!

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