Manny Pacquiao to Run for Congress! Bills to be Passed by Pugilism!

Boxer to Box Congress!

That’s right, World boxing Champion Manny Paquiao is going to run for congress.

The congress he is running for is in the Philippines…what? You thought I was talking about the US Congress? We can only wish!

At any rate, The Champ spent his early years in poverty, then battled his way to fame and glory in the boxing ring.

Manny the politician

Uncle Manny Wants You!


He is considered a national treasure in the Philippines; he is so respected that when he fights wars stop, and terrorists even put down their guns.

Terrorists putting down their guns to watch violence, now there is a concept.

And if riots are threatened, simply have Manny hop in the ring and arrest the rioters while they are watching.

And, if a bill needs to be passed, the legislatures can pull on their trunks and cups, insert mouthpieces (not lawyers, silly!) and battle for their beliefs!

Want a little pork on that bill? You better be ready fight for it!

Want to pass that law obfuscating the confiscating of fiscalating certificates? Lace up those leathers and straighten up that jock!

Humor aside, this writer appreciates Manny for one reason: he wishes to dedicate himself to helping his people.

Not lining his pocket with green like a crooked politician (is there another kind?).

Not to push some bizarre or crooked plan of government.

To help people. To give back to his roots, and to raise up the children.

Maybe he would consider running for office in America?

The Champ’s opponent in his battle for public office is a local businesssman from a powerful clan. Thus, there promises to be much fireworks, and hopefully not of the real kind.

Go Manny, it’s ok to be a champ in more fields than one!

, and that brings to mind all sorts of pugilistic solutions for passing bills, settling disputes, and finally getting a government to function.

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