Was Tiger Wood’s Extramarital Affair Responsible for Tiger’s Neck Injury?

Tiger Woods’ Stiff Neck

The Tiger Wood Extramarital Affair has reached a new level. As you recall, Tiger was caught by wife Elin Noregren in an extramarital affair. The result was a short drive into a tall tree, rounds of counseling, a marriage coming loose at the seams, and, now one more item added to the mix.

When Tiger was taken to the hospital after the accident he had a busted lip and a sore neck.

greatest golfer

Oh, man! What have I done?

A sore neck. Hmmm.

Tiger doesn’t play golf for nearly a half a year, then, not too long after making his comeback, he complains of neck pains.

Neck pains that might not have been aggravate during his lay off, but which may have been aggravated by his return to physical activity.

When Tiger withdrew from The Player’s Championship he indicated that he was fearful of a bulging disk in his neck. A bulging disk is a disk that is out of place, and therefore pinching a nerve root. There is, according to medical reports a distinct possibility of a connection between whiplash and a bulging disk.

Thus, we must ask the question, was Tiger Wood’s extra marital affair responsible for his neck injury, and that leads us to a second question, is the injury to the golf player’s neck a potential career ending injury?

In assessing this question we must consider several factors.

One, forty per cent of the population has some form of herniated or bulging discs.
Two, Improper body mechanics or repetitive motion can aggravate the condition.
Three, there are many potential solutions to the problem, including light traction, acupuncture, medication, short courses of steroids, and so on.
Four, surgery is indicated only if long term problems surface.

The conclusion is that the injury is probably not life threatening, but that Tiger’s next problem may be addiction to painkillers.

The world wishes Tiger Woods well on his road to recovery.

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