Who Was the Top Female Golfer of All Time?

Annika Sorenstam rocks the golf links

In considering the top female golfer of all time there are many factors to consider, and many golfers to evaluate.

The number five female golfer of all time, according to AboutGolf, is Nancy Lopez. Ms Lopez. The incredible Ms Lopez had 48 tour victories and 3 championships.

top female golfer all time

Got to start them golfing young!

The number four female golfer of all time is Babe Didrikson Zaharias. The redoubtable Babe only had 41 tour victories, but she played against men…and played against them well!

The number three female golfer of all time is Kathy Whitworth. The staunch Ms Whitworth had 88 tour victories and 6 major championships.

The number two female golfer of all time is Mickey Wright. The dependable Mick had 82 tour victories with 13 major championships.

And, the number one female golfer of all time (drum roll, please…) is the courageous and not to be denied Annika Sorenstam! The free swinging lass has 72 tour victories.

These five ladies all have hefty numbers when it comes to wins. The real key, however, in making the final judgement, is the context of their times. While some of the ladies posted higher numbers than Ms Sorenstam, it is considered that Ms Sorenstam was battling against tougher opponents.

Thus, we have the odd truth that, though low score wins, it is not always low score that counts in the end.

Did these wonderful ladies bop foreheads and give the glare in the clubhouse?

Was the final judgement the result of who was the best at talking smack?

Or is there some other attribute of which we, the general and unwashed masses, are in ignorance of?

And with that silly summation we sign off, and congrats to these wonderful ladies for enriching sports, feminism, and life in general.


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