Stormy Daniels Screws Donald Trump!

It appears that Stormy Daniels, or Stephany Clifford, is sueing Donald Trump’s attorney. Michael Cohn. The charge is defamation of character.

So a porn star is claiming moral high ground over a lawyer. Hmm.

That’s worse than the pot calling the kettle black. That’s like a shark telling a barracuda his teeth are too sharp. That’s like a politician!

Stormy claims she is sueing to protect her family, children, and so on. I wonder what she’ll do to protect her children from her career in porn?

But she’s really doing it for the money. She gives Trump (Cohen) back 130K and gets a million for a book, movie rights, etc.

But here’s the thing I don’t understand. Why doesn’t Trump admit everything, and sue for half the profits?

One, it happened over ten years ago. That’s not even worth a fake news headline, if you think about it.

Two, whether fake or not, salacious sells.

Three, last time Trump got bounced by a a scandal of this sort (the infamous Access Hollywood tapes) he got elected president.

Hello, Don! Fess up! Get your name in (more) lights! The men of America have already figured it out, and they are jealous. The women of America, except for the sexually inadequate, have got it figured out, and wish they were getting buffed by The Man.

People screw people!

Isn’t that an amazing discovery?

Sure, we can wish The Don hadn’t fallen off his pedestal, but he did, as have just about every politician in the US…and the world.

But at least he has a booming economy, reduced immigration, and people going back to work offset his…salaciousness.

As for Stormy, I hate to say it, but outside of a world class rack, the poor girl doesn’t have much.

Her selling her sex story probably means her career in porn is over. Being willing to trade lawsuits with a lawyer means she is desperate for money.

Now if only she could get a date with Putin…


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