How to Support This Project

Hey, send me money, that’s the easy way. The less I have to attend to my 8-5 stuff the more time I have to work on this project and get my facts right, answer emails, and so on. PayPal to will work.

OR, if you wish, simply buy a book.

I have written near a 100 books. Six of them are a series called ‘Monkeyland.’ Purchase one of those books through Amazon and that will help support me, and give me more time to work on this project.

Here are the six books:

MONKEYLAND ~ Terrorists take a school hostage, and the citizens of South Central LA must fend off the government, retake the school, and start their own country. CAN BE READ ALONE

THE BOMBER’S STORY: The Detective ~ Bob is blowing up buildings in Los Angeles. What has driven him insane? Detective Randall Davis is about to find out, and insanity is going to start looking good. CAN BE READ ALONE

THE MADMAN’S STORY ~ Who owns Planet Earth? Detective Randall Davis is about to find out. SHOULD BE READ AS PART OF SERIES

THE LONESTAR REVOLT ~ Can a Hitler take over the United States? SHOULD BE READ AS PART OF SERIES

YANCY ~ Alien technology has been discovered on Planet Earth, and the aliens want it back. Yancy says not. SHOULD BE READ AS PART OF SERIES

RETURN TO MONKEYLAND ~ Aliens attack Planet Earth, and Earth’s only hope is…Monkeyland. SHOULD BE READ AS PART OF SERIES

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