Syria Declares War on Israel!

War in the Mid-East Threatens to Flare Up!

As if fighting a civil war in his own country isn’t enough, Bashar Assad has virtually declared war on Israel.

Not as if a state of war between the two nations hasn’t existed for years.

The actual fact is that Bashar Assad has given the okay to a Palestinian military group to launch missiles at Israel. This is apparently in reaction to the air strike Israel delivered to military targets over the weekend.

palestinian war

Another blow peace?

The Israeli airstrikes were apparently at attempt to destroy Iranian arms being delivered to the Syrians which would enable the Syrians to attack Israel.

Sort of like musical chairs over there, but with weapons. Musical weapons.

Iran, which country has no business sending weapons to another country, pushes Israel, and Israel pushes back, and then the Syrians are upset that the push happened in their country, so they push, and round and round we go.

Israel has to protect itself from missiles, Syrian president Bashar Assad has to distract the various military factions (rebels) in his country (what better way than rattling the sabers at the ‘common’ enemy-Israel), Iran prefers to fight a war in a country other than itself. And the merry go round goes round.

Apparently none of these people have ever wondered whether a peaceful existence, where people just go to work and earn a living, and enjoy their friends and neighbors, is better than an atomic bomb to the eyeball.

And, deeper cause, the Jews want their own homeland. In the late forties they started going home, after the Diaspora (a 2,000 year dispersal of their race), and the Palestinians were told that there was going to be a Holy War and that the Jews were going to be wiped off the face of the earth, and if any Palestinians hung around, they would be killed, too.

The Palestinians fled for shelter, leaving a lot of homes and farms and businesses empty. So the Jews moved in.

Then, the Jews weren’t wiped off the face of the earth, the Palestinians wanted their land back, and that’s when the real fun began.

For over a half a century Arabs and Jews have been at each others throats.

And, deeper cause, Arabs don’t like Jews. Why? Not sure. They are supposed to be ‘brother tribes’ from the Bible.

You know the bible, that book that says people should not kill, shouldn’t covet, that sort of thing. Well, apparently it also says ‘an eye for an eye,’ and so on.

So, brothers are killing brothers, over things that happened thousands of years ago, over religious beliefs. Man killing man, almost by contract…how weird. And, when it comes to things like Syria declaring war on Israel, this writer is reminded of the words of that famous pacifist, Rodney King: ‘Can’t we all get along?

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