Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and the Bible

Did Marco Rubio mock the Bible: Ted Cruz engage in dirty tricks?

What strange turns this years political drama has taken: Once again Ted Cruz has been accused of dirty tricks.

marco rubio mocks bible

Tell me: do I look like a typical politician?

It’s interesting, because as of the unveiling of this particular ‘dirty trick’ Ted Cruz has pled innocence, has fired Rick Tyler (Communications Director), and accused Marco Rubio of…dirty tricks.

Sort of like a bad hair day; the hair going in all directions. Or, in this case, finger pointing in all directions.

But I don’t think things are actually as represented.

I don’t think Ted is doing bad things, I think that his people are a little too zealous, and they have misspoken.

But, whatever, Ted Cruz takes the punch in the nose.

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump are sure to be all over him on this one, labeling him as nasty and (shudder) a typical politician.

And here is the nub of the problem.

Ted Cruz looks like a politician.

And looks are everything in the game of poetics, which is, itself, the game of appearances.

Honestly, I like what Ted says. He’s going after The Fed, he’s going to curtail the IRS and create a flat tax. Those are admirable actions which would benefit our country immensely.

I would love to rid the country of parasites.

But, even if Mr. Cruz overcomes the labeling of nasty, or the accusations of dirty tricks, I don’t think the honorable Texas politician can overcome the fact that he ‘looks’ like a politician.

Mr. Trump doesn’t. He is brash and in your face, and doesn’t look nor act like a politician.

Mr. Rubio doesn’t. Yet. Rubio looks too young to be a politician. But I wonder what he will look like in 20 years.

But Mr. Cruz does look like a politician, and in this anger political climate, if it talks like a duck, walks like a duck, then it must be a duck…even if it is a bird of another color.

Check out ‘The Day the President Killed the United States.’ Shudder as you see what a president could actually do to this country, if he, or she, was willing.


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