How to Tell When the United states will Crash!

August 9, 2014

It’s Not a Matter of How but When…

The economy will crash. Ebola will wipe out United States. Everybody’s going to die.
Those are the headlines, but how many truths are there in those headlines?
The fact of the matter is there is a very easy way to tell exactly when the United States will crash.
It is not a matter of unsustainability, because we pass that long ago.
It is merely a matter of when the Banksters think they can get away with it, and with the most profit.
Right now, United States is providing the bankers with sufficient funds that they can fight the rest of the world.

government shutdown

At last! (sigh of relief)

When we stop creating the Banksters money, the bankers will let the economy crash.
The real things we should be looking at in this matter of predicting when the United States crashes concerns other countries.
For instance, when will China establish their currency as the world reserve currency? When they do that, the value of the dollar wanes, and the banksters will write off United States.
Or, when terrorism begins to truly impact upon the United States, banksters will, again, let the United States die.
This is not a game of United States V Barack Obama, but rather of United States against the other players in this game of global corruption, and who is going to rule planet earth in the end.
So, you simply watch the headlines, and wait for the United States to become irrelevant in regards to the other global players.
This brings us to the real truth that every United States citizen should actually be concerned with.
Number one, to forestall the crash of United States, we must make money and keep ourselves afloat. That means doing your best starting new businesses, and doing your best to deflect the designs of our unbelievably corrupt politicians.
Number two, and possibly more important, especially when considering our state of affairs, we must prepare for the aftermath.
How are you going to survive after the crash? What abilities do you have that you can offer a Brave New World?
What we must understand is what made the United States unique in the first place. It was our freedom from politicians and government. It was our ability to be sovereign and apart from the corruptions of government and banksters. Can we devise a system like this after the crash?
Can we have a Constitution 2.0 ?
Can we rise to the occasion once again?
My money is on you.

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