The Coming War and How to Fight It

The New Revolutionary War

This writer predicted the coming war before Barack Obama was re-elected. It was obvious, even way back then, what would happen.

First, the Banksters have reached an untenable position.  The banksters have configured the United States into a borrowing nation, and they have supplied cash by counterfeiting.

Good, old, homegrown American terrorism!

Good, old, homegrown American terrorism!

president Obama sick

I know…let’s arrest congress!

The US government, basically running a modified Ponzi scheme, borrowing to pay off debts, has reached a position where the ponzi can no longer be supported, or hidden.

The result of this situation, taken into consideration (collusion) with attacks by foreign entities such as China and Russia, on the dollar, can result in a collapse of American currency.

Financially, this makes no sense, as the people can simply tell the banksters to go to hell; they can laugh at the so-called derivatives debt (it is a made up thing, there is no money involved, it is a guarantee of money if money fails) and arrest the bankers for racketeering.

But, since the US government has been infected by the most corrupt swine on the planet, the country will probably descend into chaos. Millions will die because the food in the fields won’t make it to market, the sick won’t be able to get their medicine, and so on.

In the event that this happens, or that some other event (EMP?) happens, there are four choices for the American people. Understand that these choices can only happen because the people have failed to make their choice for a sane government by arresting for treason virtually 90% of the current government.

The choices are what kind of war will we have.

There is the nuclear option. Not likely, as most Americans don’t have nukes. So unless an EMP happens, and there is not much need for an EMP since the country will collapse anyway, there won’t be nuclear war.

The second option is conventional war.

There is a small chance of this happening. Most citizens will find it virtually impossible to form up troops, and, if they did, the possibility of the US military being used is a fifty fifty. The chance of foreign troops being used is very high. Simply, foreign troops will be glad to come for a day of sporting and commence to shooting Americans. After all, isn’t that what Americans have been doing to the world for the past few decades?

Conventional war, under these lights, will probably break down fairly quickly. And we will be left with the high probability, almost a certainty, of Guerrilla war.

Guerrilla war is not very effective. Only 25% of the guerrilla wars, and the number is over 400 since 1775, have been successful. 75% of guerrilla wars end with the guerrillas totally defeated.

There is good reason for this. Once a population has been deprived of the ability to wage conventional war the territory is occupied. The occupying forces simply need to feed the populace to make it reliant upon them. This is a simple factor: would you snipe people who feed you, who give you contracts for work? Or would you cave in and protect them?

This leads us to the fourth option, and this will happen for a few years, and then, not being faith based, but political based, will fade. I am speaking of terrorism.

Understanding the types of war, and the sequence and conditions of, the future looks mighty bleak.

Unless, of course, one realizes that the government is dependent upon the people.

Yes, Obama has everything in place, and if not him then some other doofus, to overthrow the constitution and replace it with himself, or at least some 20,000 page report written by somebody we never heard of in a back room with no lights but approved by all of congress because they are basically corrupt and greedy cowards.

But if people wake up, if they use the instructions written in the constitution, if they hold the government accountable, instead of kow towing to it, then this whole situation could be reversed, and easily.

If you want a wonderful example of a government that is incompetent, and a people that fight back and succeed, check out ‘Monkeyland.’ Written by Al Case, it is presently available on Amazon.

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