The Good News and the Bad News of World War 3

March 19, 2014

Say It Ain’t So…Joseph Stalin!

Could be a nuke, could be an EMP, could be aliens from outer space, could be DHS attempting a coup…could be anything, but here’s some of the things that could be happening in your neighborhood.

Bad news, Obama would cancel elections. He may have already done so. We just have to keep looking at the executive orders he signs into law at three in the morning when nobody is awake.

world war three

You think world war 3 can’t happen?

Good news, google will be out of business. The net will return to free enterprise!

Bad news, no more internet.

Good news, our military will come home from around the world and be disbanded.

Bad news, martial law will be declared. DHS will be the brown shirts. FEMA camps will become the new work camps.

Good news, we won’t be able to declare war on the rest of the world! (We currently have ‘boots on the ground’ in something like 75 countries.

Bad news, no TV.

Good News, no TV.

Bad news, cars won’t run.

Good news, local governments will take the stops off starting up your own business.

Bad news, the federal government will keep trying to stop people from starting their own businesses.

Good news, no more welfare.

Bad news, people who have forgotten the ability to feed themselves dying in the streets.

Good news, if you’ve got your own unregistered gun.

Bad news if you don’t have your own unregistered gun.

Good news, local governments will start printing their own currency.

Bad news, local governments will be arrested.

Good news, no more junk food!

Bad news, no more food.

Good news, no taxes.

Bad news, no jobs, no money to pay taxes.

Good news, there will be LOTS of empty houses, nice, expensive places, that you can just move into because the owners have died, gone away, or whatever.

Bad news, Obama will declare himself president for life and dedicate himself to remaking the US in the image of Mohammad…Allah Akbar!

And, I could go on, but let me sum it up with this Chinese saying: ‘May you live in interesting times.’ It’s actually a curse.

Now I have only listed a few things that could happen, go ahead and feel free to add things that i’ve forgotten, things that i missed, things that I misstated or you don’t agree with.

This article courtesy of The Daily Neutron! Read…‘The Day the President Killed the United States.’

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