The Great Gatsby…What’s so Great About It?

Reading the novel verses Seeing the Movie

The Great Gatsby, if you didn’t read it back in the the Roaring Twenties, has come back to haunt us.

There is no real reason to read it, as it isn’t timely, unless you happen to be a black pimp who wants to be white.

Lots of parties, drinking, girls, and white bling, whatever that is.

leonardo DiCaprio

Don't worry, dear...we'll work again!


The book, actually, might be worth reading.

The following four movies, however, are rather…boring. The movies occurred in 1926 with Warner Baxter, 1949 with Alan Ladd, 1974 with Robert Redford,and 2000 Tobey Stephens.

And now there is another movie threatening to be just as boring, this one with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Mind you, I like Leo DiCaprio. Good actor. But the book is a wishy washy melodrama. A great tragedy, if you like to watch chick flix without the endless chick repartee, but…there just isn’t much to it. It isn’t a book I would make into a movie.

The basic plot is boy wants girl, boy can’t have girl, everybody feels bad, boy gets girl, and then…Romeo takes the poison.

And what is soupposed to make this all exciting is it is about rich people.

Does watching rich people suffer make poor people happy? Hmmm. Doesn’t say much for the poor people, does it?

Anyway, it is an interesting question: why does hollywood like making this movie? Is it because of the excess in lifestyles? Is it because people who make too much money should feel bad?

Well, not much to conclude here, except to offer the interesting tidbits concerning the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

He was the Great American Author, and he wrote the Great American novel. He sold it for $3939 up front, and 1981.25 on publication.

Big bucks back then.

And, though big bucks have been spent on it now, I recommend reading the book.

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