The Real Reason Mitt Romney Is Going after Donald Trump

Mitt Romney Show True Colors by Attacking Trump

Has anybody found it curious that Mitt Romney started his attacks against Donald Trump at the same time Ted Cruz and Little Marco Rubio started theirs?

mitt romney attacks

Loser or betrayer? Bite your tongue, Mitt Romney!

Thinking about this, it becomes obvious what is happening.

People who attack Donald Trump get squashed by the Don. Their ratings fall, and they go away (in disgrace).

So why not have somebody attack the Trumpster who doesn’t have an election to worry about?

So Mitt Romney, the Loser, the man who betrayed the people who wished to replace Barack Obama, to end Obamacare, and to take back their country, became the man.

Thus, Donald Trump suffers a three pronged attack.

Ted Cruz spouts lies, Little Marco turns into a mean Don Rickles, and Mitt Romney takes the heat off them by distracting the attention of The Don.

Mitt Romney, who stood up to Barack Obama in the first debate, then stood down for the rest of the debates.

Mitt Romney, who begged Trump for an endorsement, and when the shoe is on the other foot he betrays Mr. Trump.

Mitt Romney, a loser, who has NO business sticking his nose into the current election. A man who is the ultimate insider. A man who has betrayed us once, so why not again?

Want to see what happens when you pay attention to a man who has betrayed us twice? Check out ‘The Bomber’s Story.’ The Bomber’s Story tells who owns planet earth, and what the people do when they find out the truth.



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