The Television Show Survivor is a Communist Ploy!

Communist Television Programming!

One of my guilty pleasures, I must admit, is the TV show Survivor.

I sit there for an hour on Wednesday night and watch people back bite, betray, and generally display the lowest and most despicable personality traits in the history of mankind.

Now the basic premise behind survivor, in the beginning, was simple: who could survive in the wilderness best?

communist father

Karl Marx, before he went to hollywood and became Gabby Hayes.


But, the show rapidly evolved into something else when the producers realized the base nature of the common man, and that there was more money in turning people against people…and therein lie the roots of communism.

Find a dissatisfaction, fan the flames, and watch the revolution: that IS a communistic principle.

And, one must not show strength, one must not stand out from the masses, lest he be a threat to the common man. And this, too, is a principle of communism: make everybody the same, discourage any show of strength or personality.

The trick is to find people who are weak (or make them weak, as in the constant and slow starvation of the program) and incite them to revolt, or, to go after anybody who is stronger.

Thus, if any person should be so foolish as to look out for their own best interests, try to actually win the contest, they are, at best, tossed out of the tribe and left to the dark and despairing pit of obscurity.

And, at worst, they are (choke) blindsided. Hit on the head from behind and left to wonder what the huck happened?

Is not this communism at it’s best?

All comrades must be mediocre, never raise their head and succeed, all accomplishments must be ‘donated’ (taken by brute force) to the party?

And if one does not toe the party line, they are administered to when they are least expecting?

But the cruel trick behind Survivor, the truly and really cruel trick, is that, at the end, to cement the communist process, they borrow from democracy: they vote.

Can you believe it? Who would have ever thunk that people would actually vote themselves into commonality and dullness?

Well, it just goes to show how clever and far seeing the founder of communism was.

All hail the creator of modern television programming…Karl Marx!

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