The Three Evil Faces of Islam

Bomb ’em back to the stone age!

I remember, back in 2001, a fellow saying to me, “We should bomb those ragheads back into the stone age.”

I’m sure many of you encountered such sentiments. Lot of that stuff was going around back then.

The interesting thing was that we didn’t have to bomb them back to the stone age…they were already there.

arab revolt

Believe or die?


I know, sounds a little racist, but consider my argument.

In the beginning the people of the Mid East made great strides, made invention, great works of art, had original philosophical ideas.

Along about 700 Mohammad came along, and he proposed a belief system that caught the imagination and went viral. There were, however, three things wrong with it.

Consider the following three points.

A believer may cheat, lie to, or steal from, a non-believer.

A believer may kill a non-believer.

Jihad. All the believers may get together and kill all the non-believers.

A religion that believes in death. I know, there is much good in Islam, there are many fantastic people, but…death?

Sort of puts an end to the argument of converting by superior concept or principle.

The real problem here is that permission, and even encouragement, to lie, cheat, steal and even kill, puts aside compassion and humanity. It destroys the nobler parts of the human spirit, in favor of the base parts of the animalistic nature.

Consider: life is as we make it; the universe is a projection of our thoughts, our innermost being, our spiritual nature. Thus, the desire to kill another is really a mirror for the desire to kill the self.

When the tyrant picks up the sword, he is really asking to be put out of his misery, and taking the rest of the world along with him.

And that brings us to the truly sad part of this saga: we lost 3,000 people on 9/11, and since that time we have killed, through the fostering of war and revolution, over 300,000 Arabs.

Thus, we allow their call to arms to incite our call to arms, and we help them die, and thus…are helping ourselves to die.

Now do you understand why four Americans were killed, and an embassy was torched, and the entire region is threatening to go up in flames?

It is because a people have been stunted in growth, kept in their base nature, through the perversion of what should be a grand and glorious religion…and it is because we respond to them on like terms, and do not put aside our own base nature.

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