The Two Sides of the Bad Guys Banksters

April 6, 2014

A Disagreement of Banksters

Most people think there is going to be an event/cataclysm/revolution/whatever. I don’t think they are entirely wrong. BUT…there is actually an argument against a terrible thing happening in our lifetime, and this argument hinges on the two factions current in the camp of the bad guys, which is the banksters.

bankster conspiracy theories

Are the Banksters disagreeing amongst themselves?

If the world is thrown into chaos, millions of people die, water shortages, nuclear meltdowns, and so on, that would deprive the uberwealthy bankster types of income. And, what most people don’t realize is that there are factions of the uberwealthy. The banksters aren’t the only bad guys in town.

If America goes down the tubes, the uber wealthy banksters don’t only lose a cash cow, they open themselves up for invasions from the other factions. Arabs want to create communities of Islamic influence, and then expand throughout America. This would be easier to happen if the Rothschild/Soros/etc. camp no longer have their Americann dollars flowing in so freely.

And, if there is a water shortage, and everybody dies, there is no water shortage, and there goes a tool of power down the tubes.

Now, on the other hand, there are the really bad guys, and they don’t care. They think they will survive simply because they have enough money, enough forethought in the matter, enough grabbing of military reins, energy and water, and so on.

But the not so bad guys still have the power, they still manage to put off things like agenda 21 and the other plans being used to destroy America.

So we come to the crux of it all. Can the bad guys still have a civilization, can they still be the whip crackers, if they destroy America?

Thus far, America has managed to stave off the event, and this in spite of welfare and the destruction of values and the attack on guns and a general love of freedom and constitutional virtue.

And, they have managed to stave off an attack because they the spirit within, the spirit that created this country, is still alive in the thighs and bones of the free American.

The solution here? The way to insure that the bad guys don’t put their final solution to work?

Simply work hard, persist in outing the bad guys, don’t revolt, complain loudly at abuses.

At some point, due to sheer and dogged persistence, the crisis can be defeated, and freedom can return to this country.

But it is going to take the determination and spirit that began this country, and has persisted even through the attack of the truly corrupt and evil people that try their best to destroy us.

Have you read The Day the President Killed the United States? It’s a heck of a read, and accurately portrays what might happen if an event happens, and what we, the American people, are going to have to do.

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