Three Blacks Beat White Boy…Where’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

August 9, 2013

A Little Reverse Racism, Anybody?

July 9th, a Pinellas county school bus. Three 15 year old black boys beat a 13 year old white boy.

Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

One of the black boys apparently tried to sell marijuana to the 13 year earlier that day, and the 13 year old felt compelled to report the incident. Then, on the way home, the three black boys dogpiled the white boy, beat him severely, including black eyes and a fractured arm. In the video the boys can be seen stomping the helpless white boy.

al sharpton jesse jackson

Is this the face of a racist?

Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

When George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin Al and Jesse were on the scene in a flash. They organized protests, forced politicians to hold special investigations, and pounded the pulpit near bloody with the unfairness of whites to blacks.

But when three black boys, all two years older than their white victim, beat that younger boy to a pulp, merely to cow him for being truthful and reporting a crime, and then stole his money, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are nowhere to be found.

Isn’t it most interesting that Al and Jesse seem to be colorblind?

They can see white beating black, but not black beating white!

And, in the usual abusive of reporting powers, the media has decided to pile on the bus driver for not stopping the affair.

The bus driver knew he would be attacked by the boys ont he spot, and by the school if he got physical, but when the news does any reporting they ignore that fact and blame the bus driver.

But the bus driver didn’t hit or kick anybody, he merely followed the rules as best he could, called for help, and tried to defray the situation.

So the real question isn’t whether the bus driver did something wrong, it is why doesn’t the media report fairly, and…where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

If you are bothered by the media’s blindness and the unfairness of today’s ‘leaders,’ you should come to The Daily Neutron for more accurate reporting.

Have you read ‘Monkeyland?’ It is a story of racial injustice in Los Angeles with far reaching results.

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One Response to Three Blacks Beat White Boy…Where’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

  1. Todd Browning on August 10, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    The civil rights leaders of today are the biggest racists out there. They are sickening and disgusting to her and see on TV. Dogs running after rancid meat are more entertaining than Jackson or Sharpton. Anytime they can make a tv appearance to push their agenda they pounce. If I were black I would be ashamed to have them leading the fight for civil rights.

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