Trump v Clinton: a War of Opposites

Who is Trump Actually Fighting?

Trump is fighting the Democrats.
Worse, he is also fighting his own turncoat Republican party.
Unbelievable, he is fighting the media.
SO let’s consider a few things.

Donald Trump is accused of abusing ladies, but there is no credible proof of anything, except that he is a potty mouth. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton supports governments (Sharia Law) in countries where women are consistently and severely abused. She also threatened ladies who came forth with tales of here husband groping and even raping them.

Donald Trump has managed to raise a 10 billion empire, and has no serious problems with the IRS, or any other law enforcement agency. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has committed an unbelievable plethora of crimes, possibly including treason, and should be in jail several times over.

Donald Trump has never killed anybody. Through her negligence, or, at best, her incompetence, Hillary Clinton has killed four gentlemen in Benghazi. She has also, through her inaction of government policies, encouraged outright war in dozens of countries across the mid-east.

Now, that’s about it for Donald Trump. He can be summed up as an attention getting billionaire who has created thousands, tends of thousands of jobs, all while becoming famous.

About Hillary, however, we have only started. There are outright lies (consider the Benghazi ‘video’), emails destroyed when subpoenaed by congress, and on and on.

Thus, these two people are opposites. When Trump is accused of something, it is likely that his accuser is actually attempting to label him with her, or their, own crimes.

By their I am speaking of others than Hillary.

I am speaking of Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and the herd of so-called Republicans (RINOs ~ Republicans In Name Only) who have stood against Trump, who have decided that Hillary Clinton, a known criminal and scoundrel would make a better president than an honest person.

Ryan, in particular, has supported Clintonesque proposals in Washington, from budget craziness to trade deals to whatever. Bush, of course, has refused to endorse Trump, in spite of giving his word at the beginning of the Republican presidential debates.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Trump is actually fighting the whole United States government.

He is fighting the IRS, who have targeted conservative groups.

He is fighting the DOJ, who have granted immunity to criminals and white washed Hillary’s email scandal

He is fighting Barack Obama and countless other government officials who have lent unfair weight to the fray.

But, it doesn’t stop there. In one of the most unbelievable situations of all time, Trump is having to take on virtually the entire weight of the free press.

The free press has been charged with protecting the United States; that is why they are free.

Instead, the press has dog piled Trump, slandering him even while pretending to be honest.

But here is the bottom line.

It is Hillary Clinton and the White House and the DOJ and the Clinton Foundation and the IRS and all sorts of ragged dogs tearing at the cuffs of Donald J. Trump…and us.

Will we be fooled by the press?

Will we forget the Benghazi video, four dead men, countless wars, a corrupt DOJ and IRS and entire government?

Will we realize that the polls are rigged, as is the whole electoral process, and not vote?

Will we choose a criminal to run our country? To plunder our country?

Or will we choose a coarse, potty mouth to help us take back our country?

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