The Truth About Zombies and the US Government

December 3, 2014

The Government is Actively Supporting Zombies!

I know, get me a tinfoil skull cap. conspiracy theories are BS, you’re happy with the way things are going.

So, a zombie is somebody who is dead. He (she) wanders around and consumes brains, doesn’t think, is basically a kneejerk creature hungry for blood.

executive order novel

You don’t think the government supports zombie-ism? Read this book!

pathological president

What to do when you’ve had enough…a stunning novel that explains why we do what we do…

So a US citizen is basically somebody who wanders around and consumes. He (she) is hungry for life.

Is there really that big a difference here?

The US has become a money driven goose, and the banksters have their hands up the dark tunnel and are grabbing all the golden eggs, all the energy they can siphon off. And the US citizen says, ‘Everything is all right.’

The US citizen shrugs his shoulders and says, ‘You can’t fight the government,’ nothing we can do, everything will be okay.’

Is that not zombie-ism?

Unconscious citizens wandering from high price to high price, saying things like, ‘Oh, it’s on sale!’ and not caring that the government is taxing everything, has reached their grimy hands deep into the pockets of the unconscious and is feeding those who won’t (are being refused the right to…) work.

The clue here is when a recent bankster made the remark that it used to be cheaper to control people than kill them, but now it is cheaper to kill them than control them.

Iceland recently threw out the banksters. Arrested their own government, defaulted their debt, and went on with their life. Iceland has now become a bastion of liberty. The citizens have thrown off their chains and dance in the street. Their economy is pumping, and freedom loving people from around the world are hooking up with Iceland. Even the internet is pumping, with their ‘’ and’

Why can’t the US do that?

Because the banksters control the government control the media control the bulk of citizens.

Because the banksters advertise that we are free, and enough people believe.

Because the banksters have managed to make zombie-ism accepted.

So why is a crash coming?

Because people are waking up, saying they don’t want to be zombies.

So the banksters have told the UN told the government to set up districts and fema camps.

The banksters have stolen and/or are counterfeiting enough money to keep zombie-ism alive with endless welfare and foodstamps, all while arming the police and bringing them around to the idea that the people are the enemy.

What is the answer?

Simple. Start arresting our own politicians.

When Nancy Pelosi visits Arizona, Sheriff Joe should throw her in the hoosegow, charge her with all the crimes she is guilty of.

When Harry the Red comes home to Nevada, citizens should arrest him and try him in a court that is not federal.

When Barack Obama comes to beg money, boo him, throw monopoly money at him, make him run for cover.

Send a million men to Washington, not with the idea of being peaceful, but for the express purpose of enforcing the constitution of the United States, which means impeachment, trial and imprisonment.

Or death for treason.

You think these guys aren’t guilty?

Then you are a zombie. An unaware bozo that is doing what he is told…’can I have some handouts please.’

Or you support such behavior.

And you certainly don’t stand against such behavior.

And…you don’t support defaulting on the national debt and ending the reign of the banksters.

Well, there’s nothing more I can say.

Continue on down the path to a third world country, or kick out the banksters.

Watch the prices and taxes go higher, or arrest the people fleecing you.

Take a stand…or lie down.

Up to you.

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Want a novelization of what the President has done, what he is capable of? Want to wake up the zombies? Then check out the book ‘The Day the President killed the United States.’ Share it with others. Passing on the truth is the way to wake up the zombies.

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