Uncovering the Deep State and How It Undermines America

What Is the Deep State?

People bandy the term about, but not many people understand what the Deep State is, how it got started, how it works, and to what depth it has compromised the United states of America.

There have always been ‘mini-conspiracies,’ people talking in back rooms, small plans laid by small minds, but these have mostly been just talk.

In the nineties George Soros, an alleged Nazi war criminal turned incredibly wealthy investor, decided to ruin the United States. In his warped way of thinking he was helping, but this is just the delusion of…an alleged Nazi war criminal.

To effect his plan Soros provided funding for hundreds of organizations. The purpose of these organizations was to derail America. The organizations were designed to thwart law (especially the constitution), undermine established societal values, and generally cause dishonesty and suspicion. One can find these groups with a simple bit of Googling. (Try https://www.geopolitica.ru/en/article/us-organisation-sponsored-soros, for starters)

When Bill Clinton entered the White House these groups were given a tremendous shot in the arm; they were not discouraged, not noticed, not uncovered for what they were. With great zest the malcontents gathered under Soros’ various banners pushed their agendas, infiltrated government, and prepared themselves for the struggle to take over the government.

And the government was taken over. Barack Hussein Obama rose from nowhere, was backed by various Soros organizations.

Any who doubt that Obama was an agent of the Deep State need merely look at his accomplishments while in the White House. He stole money outright, made decisions that aided terrorist groups, and even had a family member that was involved with a terrorist organization.

When Donald Trump was elected the Soros inspired operatives who had infiltrated government realized that they could no longer act openly. Thus, they lowered their heads, worked their insidiousness from the background, and became the actual ‘Deep State.’

There are various levels of operative in the Deep State.

The leader is likely George Soros, though he strives to keep himself out of the government related limelight and work from the shadows (read The Shadow Party,’ by David Horowitz and Richard Poe). Call him the ‘President.’ (There is some conjecture that Soros is, in turn, a puppet of the Rothschilds)

Then there are high level operatives who have close ties with Soros, and do his bidding directly. This might include such people as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

A second tier of these high level operatives would be people who have risen to high position in government. This might include such people as Rod Rosenstein and James Comey.

To understand how the Deep State works one must recognize that the leaders likely believe in what they are doing, they actively plan and act on their conspiracies and coups, they want to remake the world in their own twisted image (a Nazi war criminal).

Somewhere in the leadership the planners become merely dupes who are dishonest and have become embroiled for their own vested and immoral interests.

For instance, Robert Mueller is in charge of the bogus Russian investigation. Does he actually believe the ‘Steele Dossier’ is accurate? Not a chance. His motivation is that he became embroiled in the Uranium One con job instigated by the Clintons. He is now fighting not to take down Trump, but to protect himself from discovery. Trump just happens to be the method taken in order to point the finger the wrong way and distract honest people.

Other members of this tier of Deep State might include people such as Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Jeff Sessions, John Roberts, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

By now you may be blinking, for I have named a couple of Republicans, but there is reason for this.

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page might be dupes of little intelligence, believers in slanted philosophy in love with wielding their power.

People like Jeff Sessions, John Roberts, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, however are not believers, they are likely merely compromised.

Jeff Sessions may be a fellow who keeps his cards close to his vest, and took advantage of a sudden blessing to do the Deep State’s bidding. Or he may be more heavily involved.

John Roberts, who enabled Obamacare (and the takeover of 1/6th of the government) was probably compromised. One rumor was that he was trying to cover up having an illegal alien maid, and was told that if he voted ‘the right way’ that problem would go away. This might or might not be true, but it shows the sneaky blackmail that the Deep State can use, and which some otherwise honorable people are prone to.

John McCain, in this writer’s opinion, was an obvious operative of the Deep State. Examine his accomplishments and you will realize that he was weak, to the point of backwards, towards his own military, that he was not a war hero (there is some rumor that he actually colluded with his captors in the Viet Nam war. He continually claimed to be Republican, yet, when the votes became important, was obviously not.

Which brings us to Mitt Romney. A corporate Raider with a perfect background, he becomes the perfect representative of the Deep State. He is credited as being an inspiration for Obamacare, he moves from state to state seeking ways to insert himself into relevant leadership, and yet he chokes (in the presidential election), insults those who have helped him, and is generally a pretty face. One can argue that he is not Deep State, but he is showing himself to be of the same stripe as John McCain in his opinions and actions. Either that, or he is incompetent.

We come to the low level tier of the Deep State, these are the people who have become empowered by their involvement in the fringe groups that George Soros started, or merely excited by their twisted beliefs being paid attention by the main stream.

Now we are talking about people who have little connection with George Soros’ visions, but who say and do the craziest things.

Rashinda Tlaib, a muslim and a US Representative who calls Trump a Motherf_____, thus disrespecting the office of the president, and her own religion.

Maxine Waters, advocating violence.

Ocasio-Cortez who wishes to impose 70% taxes on the people of the Us.

And the list goes on. And on and on and on.

At the very bottom of this structure of insanity are the victims, people who are derailed by unnatural thought, people of little intelligence who give odd isms credence, people who actually believe the shouting…without verification of facts. For the operatives of the Deep State do not believe in facts., They believe in their rhetoric; they believe in vested interest; they believe in covering up their own crimes; they believe in the twisted isms propagated by an alleged Nazi war criminal.

Members of government have been rated, find out how your senator or representative is rated. Very low ratings may indicate Deep State affiliation. Go to: DEEP STATE

This has been an article concerning the Deep State, what it is, how it works, and where it comes from.

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