The United States Dying…The Seven Lice of Doom!

United States Dying!

I say United States Dying, but these reasons extend to Planet Earth dying. After all, so goes the United States, so goes Planet Earth!

united states dying

Bankmasters at large!

First, governments have become huge purses for the greedy. Get yourself elected (or just start a revolution), and you can live high on the hog. Just sit in that saddle and whip those masses! Yeehah!

Third, probably somewhere between the rapacious government and the voracious banksters are the corporations. These blood sucking cephalopods work in concert to raise prices and deplete any wallet within reach. You’re already poor? Starving? Doesn’t matter, the corporations can get money from a stone.Second, over the governments, making the government robber barons look a little anemic, are the world Banksters. These money guzzlers profit through how many wars they can start. And they can start a lot!

Frankensteinian scientists are determined that they are better than God. Encouraged by Banksters, Corporations, and governments, they experiment on humanity, turning out more efficient germs, genetically modifying foods, and pushing us further and further into a bizarre Utopia of their own design.

One of my favorites is the ever present military complex. Vampires who worship gratuitous violence as their personal God are not to be messed with! The young and the innocent are their favorite food.

One of my least favorites is the public education system. These modern pirates steal common sense from students, program the individual into mass hypnosis, and generally eat at the underpinnings of humanity.

Last but not least is the media. Designed (in the United States, at least) to check and balance the outrages of the massive predators that gorge themselves upon mankind, these traitors of the worst kind forsake all humanity and pursue titillation for bucks. These scabby parasites are the worst of the worst, for they have been charged with protecting mankind, and, instead, they sell mankind out for ad revenue. Shame!

These are the seven, and they are like ‘the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,’ riding us, driving us, flogging us towards a premature end.

Under the ministrations of the gross evil they represent, these ‘entities’ do their best to make sure that Planet Earth is a burned out cinder, capable of supporting grubs and insects, with the insects being superior.

Of course, there is always hope. There is always the rise of the individual, the person who reads these words and can say…‘Not me!’

That is our hope, people who are not self serving, who will stand up and be counted, who will link arms and hold the line against the foulest beasts to ever walk the earth…the Seven Lice of Doom.


This has been a page about the United States Dying!

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