United States Government Toppled! Millions Murdered!

Could a Second Civil War Happen in the United States?

If the Banksters have their way, this is the carefully contrived plan by which they will shortly own the world.

First, throw a couple of airplanes at a couple of buildings. Create a ‘second tier’ of government–Czars, homeland Security, and the like–to step in when the first tier of government is no longer needed. Fake a financial crisis and steal trillions of dollars.

Use part of those trillions of dollars to create ‘Arab Spring.’ Topple the current mid-east regimes, and put people who are corrupt and owing to the Banksters into office, and you own the Mid East. And all the oil. Stamp out the only vestige of democracy in the region…Israel.

revolution in United States

After a short intermission, the Civil War recommences


Then, travel on to Europe. Loan more US dollars out and cause the governments to become too extended through socialistic programs. When the governments collapse put people who are corrupt and owing to the Banksters into office, and you own Europe.

Finally, we come back to the US of A. In spite of the fact that the US has been weakened by war and had its money stolen, it is still strong, and must be dealt with.

Buy some elections and put people who are corrupt and owing to the Banksters into office. Print lots of fiat US dollars, devaluing the dollar and causing hyper inflation. The world loses confidence in the US dollar and it ceases to be the world’s Reserve Currency. This causes a massive depression

Create an incident. You know, a burning of the Reichstag type thing. Maybe a disease based on the AIDs model, wiping out millions of people. Maybe a terrorist manages to put an A bomb in his underpants and farts Los Angeles out of existence.

Have the President declare a State of Emergency. Have the president bypass congress and utilize his carefully prepared government of non-elected ‘Czars’ to create a dictatorship. Have the President direct the Department of Homeland Security to ‘round up suspects.’

Homeland Security moves quickly into the breech, rounding up ‘enemies’ and putting them into FEMA camps where they are ‘re-educated.’

The military, broke and spread across the world, is unable to return home. They watch helplessly from afar as the United States is brought crashing down.

People don’t bother asking for another election, or for reinstitution of the constitution, because if they do they will be put in FEMA camps and ‘re-educated.’

Do what you want with the country, have a party, and laugh at the helpless minions as they struggle in the streets for a loaf of bread.

Now, how much of this is possible? Well, the timeline is a little suspect, we are juggling with the nations of the world, after all, but it seems like it is pretty much all happening. And, there is seeming proof to the conjecture in such facts as the existence of US Czars who are a) socialist, b) communist, c) Marxist, or d) Radical revolutionaries. Add to that the fact that trillions of dollars are unaccounted for. Add to that the fact that FEMA has divided the country into sections and has coffins and camps spread in each of these sections. Add to that the fact that the government has been buying up all available ‘survival’ foods, and that Homeland Security has recently purchased 450 million rounds of ammunition. Add to that a few other assorted and sordid facts…and, hmmm.

So what do you think? Can it happen? Is it happening?

Can the rightful government of the United States of America be replaced?

Or is this just some writer’s fancy?

(Be warned: people who voice the wrong opinion concerning this will be rounded up and re-educated.)

The odd thing is that I wrote a book using ploys such as these some fifteen or so years ago; history is very amenable to backing up such a plot as I’ve outlined here. The book is called The Bomber’s Story, and it is at AlCaseBooks.com, or you can find it on Kindle.

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