United States Senators to Be Arrested!

Yes! United States Senators Can Be Arrested!

You think the headline, ‘Senators To Be Arrested’ is a crock? Well, it is a definite that the people who pass our laws are incompetent or criminal, and there is always a way to handle those sorts of people. In fact, we could handle ALL the problems confronting the United States in one fell swoop. Consider the ‘28th Amendment.

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Who owns the planet?

As the United States was designed by the founders to be a Republic, and whereas laws have been passed making it a corporation, and less than a Republic, We the People hereby declare all such laws to be null and void.

Further, since the intent of such illegal laws was to enable the United States to borrow money from various institutions, and since the founders already set in place methods for a central government to accumulate money, and since these laws are null and void, all debts accumulated by borrowing are hereby canceled.

Further, all properties accumulated as a result of these laws, by government officials or private individuals, even if currently held by their heirs, are hereby confiscated. Any of the ilk known as ‘banksters’ are to be immediately charged with treason and held for trial without bail, and with a public defender nominated for their defense. Their property to be forfeit, and their sentence, in the event of conviction, to be life in prison without hope of parole.

Further, all institutions which have been created to enslave the people of the United States, including the NSA, the DHS, the Department of Education, FEMA, and the IRS, are hereby abolished, and the people staffing such organizations may not be hired by federal government in the future.

Further, in any year that a workable financial budget is not agreed upon and passed by Congress and the president, those representatives will be arrested for treason and sentenced to a prison term of not less than ten years, and will never be eligible for public office again.

Since the Judicial system has proven to be a corrupt institution which votes whichever way the wind blows, and this usually means for larger government, all federal judges will be discharged, and new judges will be voted upon by the people of the United States in fair and open elections.

Further, all wars are ended, and all troops are to be brought home, and if any president ever attempts to declare war without a just act of congress, he is to be arrested and imprisoned for a period of not less than ten years, and never be eligible to hold public office again.

All records of public servants, including email, to be made completely open to the public in the space of one year, and any official refusing to comply to be charged with treason to be arrested and imprisoned for a period of not less than ten years, and never be eligible to hold public office again.

Any person desiring to hold public office to be administered a lie detector test, the purpose of which test is to discover crimes. Such tests to be administered at the beginning and end of any and every term of office. Persons not taking such tests to be immediately discharged and arrested for treason.

Since the Constitution of the United States insures freedom of religion, no religion may be established that undermines the Constitution, and thereby freedom of religion. This means Sharia Law may not be considered in an aspect in any part of the United States.

This amendment not to be ‘adjusted’ by any person or persons.

This amendment to be activated upon vote of the people, and immune to all Judicial intervention.

Okay, there it sits, waiting your action. It takes into account virtually every problem in the United States, and those situations it doesn’t fix outright, with new and honest individuals administering government, can be fixed shortly thereafter.

Now, we all know how these things go. They excite the imagination, and then they fade, and then the United States Senators are free to go on with their corruption and crimes.

So how do you stop this thing from fading?

To start with, I wouldn’t bother sending it to the representatives of the United States because they will just figure out a way to corrupt it.

You bring it before the attention of the people. In other words, you make it go viral. You like it, you share it, you comment on it. Further, you print off copies and send them to people.

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