As the United States Sinks in that Dark Night…

December 11, 2014

What was done to the United States, and what will be done…

Back in 1929, back when there were still human beings in congress, the Great Depression hit, and we worked out way out of it, and laws were passed to prevent future depressions.

In 2008 we were thrust into another Great Depression, but the people who thrust us into that quagmire were better prepared.

executive order novel

pathological president

A novel of psychosis unchecked…and a lesson for us all.

They bought the media and convinced everybody it wasn’t serious, then went about the business of building methods and means to control us.

NSA was beefed up so they could better control us through information gain through the invasion of privacy.

IRS was calibrated so elections could be controlled.

FEMA camps were built for the recalcitrant…those who insisted upon belief in God, the constitution, and sovereignty of the individual.

DHS was guided towards the creation of an army to corral us and re-educate us in those FEMA camps.

AND…money was printed – counterfeited – so that the economy would slowly sink into the sunset.

Why would the bad guys, the people who own such entities as The Fed, want to destroy the Golden Goose?

Because it is easier to kill a million people than control them.

So The Fed continues to print money, reducing the value of the money owned by the people, while pumping up the value of money owned by the people who own The Fed.

And the clever trick behind this trick is that when the economy crashes, when people are struggling to stay out of FEMA camps, struggling just to survive, the few voices who demand accountability will have no target; the curtain will be lifted and The Fed will just say, “we were just following orders.”

They are following no orders but their own, but the damage will have been done, and nobody will be arrested and brought to trial.

Nobody will be held accountable.

But that is the point of a corporation: an invisible body which stands in place of the real bodies.

And how can you punish an invisible body?

Well, that all said, there is still hope.

You can still pay your house and car off, get your money out of government sponsored banks, save your money in non-government sponsored institutions, educate your children in other than government sponsored educational institutions; you can still get involved, call your congressman, move out of the country, make a loud noise and become important enough that the government would appear illogical and unfair when they come to arrest you.

You can still talk to your normalcy biased neighbors and convince them that money isn’t disappearing, it is being taken.

In short, you can do all the things that are the duty of a sovereign; you don’t have to succumb to the dark night that is rapidly swallowing our country.

And you can do it now, before bullets become more important than ballots.

Please go to Amazon, and get and read ‘The Day the President Killed the United States.’ It is a terrifying story, based upon executive order, of what is going to happen in this country in the VERY near future.

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