US Government Experiments on Citizens!

May 7, 2014

Talk about Nazi Atrocities…

…the Nazis have nothing on the regime of the United States. It’s actually old history, the US experimenting on citizens.

The US has isolated and left untreated African Americans with venereal disease just to study the effects.

science fiction horror publication

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The government of the US has distributed drugs, including such horrific drugs as LSD, to effect population disgruntlement with their policies.

They have conducted entire wars using drugs for profit.

This is not conjecture, but hard core history, and you can google it and read for yourself.

As for myself, when I came across the facts, I decided to take the plot and use it in a fiction book. After all, what could be worse than reality for a science fiction horror story?

So I wrote ‘Pack.”

In Pack a bunch of college kids are unwitting experiments for the CIA psychiatrists.

But…something is hiding in the DNA of mankind, and the experiments succeed only in unleashing the true power of that DNA.

The college students become stronger, quicker, and are able to tap into mental abilities far beyond those of man.

Now the experiment has become a problem, and the CIA wishes to shut it down, along with all the kids.

Unfortunately for the CIA, the Pack has a plan of its own, and the real question isn’t what the CIA is going to do about the Pack, but what the Pack is going to do about the CIA.

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