War With Syria…No Matter What!

August 25, 2013

The War With Syria About to Be Implemented

The War With Syria will likely go down as one of the most insidious wars of all time.

First, the United States backs rebels against the legitimate government, interfering in the affairs of a sovereign nation. This against the laws of the United States. Laws which state no aid, and no military actions without a declaration of war.

Thus, the United States puts puts on the ground. ‘Oh, they aren’t troops…they are trainers!’

war with syria

Troops or trainers, it is the same. United States citizens helping the overthrow of a legitimate government.

Then, the United States starts trumping up the chemical weapons Friendly Flag move.

Simply, as in previous wars, the United States starts moaning about WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction. Then when said weapons are used, the United States has the chance to wade in with military might.

But the weapons of mass destruction are showing up in the rebel camps, or in positions that rebels have occupied.

Further, there seems to be a very real possibility that such weapons were actually imported from the United States, or from US friendly forces/governments.

Syria says, ‘Whoa. Come take a look. Send the United Nations in.’

The United States says, ‘No.’

So the United States doesn’t want to bother with facts?

The United States doesn’t want to find out the truth behind weapons of mass destruction?

Why not?

Oh, because they want to go to war.

War means money for the powers that be. It means big business for the banksters who run the world. It means that the United States can usurp sovereignty and elections and put whoever they want into power in another country.

Thus, one more domino in the chain of affairs that is bringing the world to ruin, de-stabilizing governments everywhere, and setting the stage for mass slavery.

Mind you, this writer has nothing against a fight for freedom, there just doesn’t happen to be enough trustworthy facts from our current regime to justify such a fight in syria.

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