Woman Submariners are Here!

But where will they go to the head?

Today, lady submariners became a distinct possibility. Congress has debated, considered, and the decision has been made. Ladies have been chosen, and the future has been laid out.

Annapolis Midshipmen, uh, persons, Jessica Wilcox and Tabitha Gant have been selected and announced to the press.

Polite and perky, the good looking ladies have shown their enthusiasm and presented their case, and, after a year or two of training in advanced schools such as Nuclear Power School and Submarine School, will be assigned to service under the sea.

woman sailors

The SS Mary Kaye!

The initial resistance to ladies in combat has lasted for decades, and the concerns have been real.

Yes, ladies can do the job, they can pick up an entrenching tool, or a machine gun…or even fix bayonets just like a man, but do they have the physical strength to get the job done?

And, there is the very real concern as to what happens in combat. If a woman is shot and bleeding, mangled by a grenade or incoming fire, would a man stop doing his duty to attend to the lady?

And, there is always the murmur of discontent that ladies in combat undo the social structure, rearrange society in ways that many people claim is not fit and proper.

Now, with submarines becoming the front line for feminism, there are other concerns. Will there be sexual overtones during six month under the sea sojourns? To what extent will the submarine have to modified? Will there be a battle of the sexes under the waves, or will the military endure the first clashings of different breeds and make something worthwhile of this program?

An interested public, and a military that swings from diehard old school to blossoming feminists, watch and wait to see what happens in this great experiment.



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