World Domination, Step by Step Primer

Step by Step Breakdown of World Domination

Started over a hundred years ago with progressive movement, rapidly was backed up by world leaders, including presidents of the US.

The basic theory is elite should rule. Unless you have large amounts of money, you are, or should be, a slave. All actions initiated by the elite once this movement began support this thesis, and is a matter of historical record, no matter how badly obscured from the masses.

global conspiracy

Is this coming again?

Elite first proposed such things as population control, League of Nations, and so on.

Population control (Eugenics), was seen for what it was, the killing of substandard slaves, and the progressives were forced to go undercover. They would re-emerge later as liberals, and such things as population control would be repackaged as Planned Parenthood.

League of Nation was defeated by lack of US backing. United Nations was 2.0, and was put in place with US backing, which indicates that liberalism had infected US presidency and US leadership.

United Nations passes agenda 21, an innocuous appearing document which sets the stage for controlling countries and reducing population.

Agenda 21, among other things, proposes methods to disarm individuals, collectivize farmland, and so on.

United States media bought and reconfigured to sell people liberalism.

United States laws subverted, FEMA camps set up, and the elite prepare to stage an event. Said event to allow the president to totally bypass the constitution and replace the current government with 10 districts (commanded in agenda 21).

The congress, though thoroughly infected by liberals, will be replaced by czars created by the president. Indeed, the liberal representatives will support this transfer of power.

The main point here is that the elite believe that they own everything, including people.

The goal is to reduce recalcitrant or useless population and have only willing slaves to the new global regime.

This is being done through a collusion of governments. The so-called Arab Spring, the growing unrest in the European theater, the destruction of American borders and wealth and so on, all are coordinated actions, individual pieces of a larger game plan in which the slaves are pitted against each other, preparing for larger event which will reduce population and secure the rights of the elite,and the elite alone.

What can you do about it?

First, look to your own survival. Make sure you have guns, be able to grow your own food, have access to water, and so on.
Second, don’t give up, go after the elites. Get rid of the liberals in office, replace them with Americans possessed of core values. Protect your money by watching what the elite do. Most important, shine the light of truth upon the cockroach elite. They do not want to be seen; they hide behind bought newspapers and lies.

Look, the internet is a great blessing, and it may be one f the first things taken out when the elite stage their event. But it is here now, and you should take advantage of it, secure it, connect with like minded people, and use it to flush out the vermin, to expose those who would like to kill 250 million people and enslave the rest.

The future is up to you.

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