Nepal: A Study of Communism at Work

Karl Marx…Friend of the Working Girl

That great friend of mankind, Communism, is hard at work in Katmandu, Nepal. In Katmandu,an ancient and religious country, the Maoist party has crippled the government through a series of strikes which resulted in violent clashes between protesters and riot police.

The Maoists have recently concluded a 10 year war which resulted in the deaths of thousands. The war was concluded when the Maoists were promised inclusion in the political process.

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The promise was kept, and the Maoists actually won a general election. Their brief sojourn in power, however, was derailed when they couldn’t get along amongst themselves and the president resigned.

Now the Maoists want their political power back, but instead of opting for peaceful election, they encourage strikes and riots. They shut down markets and schools, and the streets are filled with riot police, tear gas, and misery is the keyword of the day.

Communism is a movement wherein people are promised equality; they get to ‘own’ the government, instead of being owned.

Sounds good on paper, but the facts are different.

The process of communism, you see, is a movement of propaganda whereby people are convinced that the government is bad. The solution is to revolt in the streets, to commit anarchy, until the people are in charge! Power to the people, you know?

Unfortunately, this solution doesn’t hold out hard work and common sense as a means, it is merely rabble rousing which results in an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a government by a small group, and this is the truth of the history of communism.

The fact of the matter is communism is a revolution foisted on uneducated masses by a small group of people who wish to own everything without proper work and exchange. It offers no sovereignty, but rather conscription in oligarchy owned industry. It is a system of slavery.

Thus, the free people of the world oppose communism; they oppose a system whereby a country is wrested not by educated and peaceful vote, but by gunpowder and chant.

The western world watches Nepal, and it hopes. For the interim government is attempting to rewrite the constitution, and, doubtless end a situation wherein uneducated masses kill wantonly so that they can be slaves.

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