Somali Pirates Feed the Fishes! Not a Bad Thing!

Row, row, row your boat…

Those dastardly Somalia buccaneers have done it again! They went and seized an oil freighter off the coast of Somalia. All that oil, lots of money for those pirates, whatta payday, eh?

Uh, except that our Russki friends don’t take a kindly view to their money and wealth and money being taken out of hand and without a by your leave, so they went and took their ship back.

piracy on high seas

I thought you brought the life preservers!

First they attacked with large caliber machine guns, then some 30 MM artillery (doesn’t sound too big, but if the Russians call it artillery, who is a Somali pirate going to argue with?)

Second, some tough nut special forces rappelled down from attack helicopters, and beat up the big , bad pirates. Aw.

Now, however, the plot thickens.

It appears that those hard headed Russkis ain’t too good when it comes to paperwork. They went and lost the pirates.

That’s right, on a boat in the middle of the ocean, those silly Russians lost a whole bunch of pirates. They say they released them, but…come on!

The contributing factors to this snafu is that the Russkis don’t have courts and laws to deal with pirates. And, on top of that, they really didn’t want to send those bad boys to prison,only to have them get out after a few years hard labor and stay in Russia!

And, on top of that, when men with military weapons take over a whole ship, and are caught in the act, is their really any reason for using the word ‘alleged?’ Is there really a need to observe due process?

So, the overriding question here is…did the Russkis extend a diving board off the side of their boat and make those nasty old Somali pirates walk the plank?

Did they, did they?


Inquiring minds want to know.

Oh, and crew of the oil tanker were found hiding in a store room, nobody hurt or harmed in any way, and nothing but the disappearance of some mean, old pirates to confound their day.

Well, I never thought I’d say it, you go, Russia!

And, BTW, US, think about it.

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