The Time Square Bombing could possibly Lead to Military Action in Pakistan!

Terrorism Leads to New War!

There are now alleged links between the Times Square Bombing and Pakistan. This was confirmed by two ranking government officials.

Attorney General Eric Holder claims that the PakistanTaliban helped direct the incident, and are probably behind the financing of the incident.

afghan war

The modern soldiers of Pakistan


Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism Advisor similarly linked the attempted bombing to the Taliban Pakistan.

The bad news is that this incident happened at all. This is a direct attack upon American soil, and this in spite of years of wars aimed at rooting out and destroying the Islamic terrorists.

Further, the incident smacks of growing strength in the Taliban, and even of cooperation between the Pakistani government and the Taliban. This is, naturally, a great cause of alarm on government levels.

The good news, interestingly enough, indicates that the level of technical sophistication in the Taliban is falling. The quality of the bomb used in Times Square is of very poor construction and a very low level of sophistication. This indicates a very inept level of training.

The government holds that this is because the pressure on the terrorists has been effective and unrelenting.

Points to be noted are that the Pakistani government is apparently stepping up their activities. The past 18 months have shown increased levels of Pakistani military activity against the Taliban. ThePakistani government is apparently making a sincere effort to toor out extreme militants.

That they should do so is wise, for the terrorists are a threat to the Pakistani people and government, as well as our own.

The only real fear in this whole affair is that a direct attack on American soil, if effective, could lead to increased military action in South Asia. This is directly reflected by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who warned that if Pakistan did not cooperate on fighting terrorism there would be ‘severe consequences.’

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