WTF John Kasich Is Doing…And Why

John Kasich is Crazy…Like a Fix!

I was watching John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio, giving a speech.

In the speech he was likable, said all the right things, and firmly believed he would be the next President of the United States.

Which leads one to wonder…why?

presidential conspiracy theory

John Kasich ~ The Thinking Man’s Conspiracy

He hasn’t won but one state, only has a handful of delegates, is mathematically guaranteed he can’t become the president of the United States, and yet he still beleives.

What does John Kasich know that we, the people of the United States, don’t?

One thing he might know is that there is going to be a brokered convention, and he is the only person the establishment Republican’ts would vote for.

Another thing he might know is that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz seem to be incapable of spewing bile in the form of insults for one another. Thus destroying one another from the possibility of a majority of delegates.

And, lastly, there is always the possibility that the powers that be might pull a Kennedy; there is the chance, maybe a good one, that this generation will experience the grassy knoll, the magic bullet, and a coup d’état.

Coup d’état, literally, a ‘stroke of state.’

I know, it’s a conspiracy theory, and we have all been conditioned to believe that conspiracy theorists are nuts.

But the field is rich, the seeds have been sown, and such a thing as a coup d’état is a distinct possibility.

The Democraps rule, the Republican’ts are in orbit around them, and the establishment is between a rock and a hard space.

If the Republican’ts back Trump or Cruz, they lose control of something they never had (the country), and of their own party.

Wouldn’t it be better to risk the coup d’état and at least still be in the orbit of Hillary?

This is a rich country, wouldn’t it be better to allow the assassination, and live to fight another day?

And, even if such a thing were not to come to pass, the dishonorable John Kasich has positioned himself perfectly for a mini coup, as in the actions of a convention that is dishonorable and has no one to turn to but…the John.

About the Author: Al Case has written a score of books, among which is ‘The Bomber’s Story,’ which is a very realistic depiction of who actually owns the United States, and why.

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This article has been about the very real possibility of John Kasich taking advantage of a conspiracy.

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